Classe SSP-600 or Parasound C-1/Any recommendation

Trying to decide between a Classe ssp-600 or a Parasound C-1, or any processor in the $2600-$4000 range that will give outstanding performance. Speakers are b&w Nautilus/800 series. Music and movies are equally important. Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated, Zeb.
Arcam AV-9
I have the SSP 600. The Sound quality is excellent but just not quite as good as my Levinson N32 pre Amp for 2 channel. For Surround sound and movies its great. One Neg is that it does not have HDMI connections. Therefore I need a separate switch for the video images from cable , DVD and out to TV or projector.
Would like a processor with balanced outs, any suggestions?
If I were to purchase a processor today I would get one with HDMI inputs, hidef codec, and Audyssey room equalizer. The current generation of processors that do not have HDMI and hidef codecs will quickly become obsolete and/or lose significant value. Remember what happened to DD only processors that didn't have DTS codec? Unfortunately the ones that have those features today are only from the consumer brands such as Marantz and Onkyo/Integra. They are well received, although I haven't seen any comparison against the ones from boutique brands.
You should look at the Cary Cinema 11a that is due to be out soon. It will have room eq but not Audyssey, 2 hdmi inputs and 1 output. It will also process the new audio formats. It does not do any video processing but will pass the video untouched. Retail is $3500.
Thanks for the input, it was useful and greatly appreciated, Zeb.