Classe' SSP-60 or SSP-75?

Interesting in upgrading my SSP-30 mk11 to either the 60 or the 75. Im looking for recommendations on the two. I listen to 80% 2 channel music, 20% dvd/music/movies in surround. Do both processors have analog pass thru, or just the SSP-60? They both go for about the same used, so im not sure which one to go with. THANKS!
Anyone had the opportunity to compare the two? One reviewer stated the SSP-75 had fuller bass. Thanks again!
I have not compared the two but I do own the SSP 60 and have been very happy with it. Using the 7.1 analog with an HD DVD player is amazing!
for 80% music, i wouldn't go with any of them. heard them both (not at the same time) and classe separates are more musical.