Classe SSP 300 vs Parasound C1 ?

If you were to choose one of these Pre/Pro's, and you were going to listen to 2 channel music 80% of the time, which one do you think is a better unit?
From personal experience, I'd suggest the SSP 300 from Classe. If you can hook up with balanced XLR cables, I would suggest you go with the Classe SSP-600 and leverage its balanced bypass XLR functionality. I owned the 600 and loved it for 2-channel as well as home theater. I later added a CP-700 2-box Classe pre-amp (which I still have) to further serve my 2-channel only listening needs...
Thanks, but what is the reason?
From personal experience....2-channel and multi-channel sound quality, imaging, musicality, sound-staging, dynamics, overall fit and finish, intuitive nature of the touch screen menu system and configuration options overall, levels of customer support and assistance I've received on several products, their reputation for excellent customer support, etc....I've also found their DSP pre-processing and post-processing for DD and DTS along with THX and THX Ultra2 post-processing to be of superior sound quality.
I just sold a classe ssp 600 and bought a parasound c2, sonicly I hear no difference, both sound great compared to the japanese prepro's, I would recommend the c2 over the c1 as I found the touch screen on the ssp 600 useless from across the room, unless you have it sitting right next to you, I don't use the video processing as my video sources are hooked directly to my tv using hdmi 1.3, I use the digital outs for audio, I bought the c2 to match my parasound amp, good luck