Classe SSP-300, Rotel RSP-1098, Lexicon MC-8, Best

If I where to upgrade (subjective opinion) from Denon AVR-5803 receiver to pre/processor such as Classe SSP-300 or Lexicon MC-8, Rotel RSP-1098, Primare or BK what is the upside &[downside]? Such as Lexicon; no audio outputs!
I prefer balanced outs to run 5.1, but find $2K+ premium from Classe & Lexicon to be overpriced. Any comments on sound quality for regular stereo playback [24/192 & analogue] & DVD-A analogue? Real world experience please.
Thanks (Using B&W 802 & SCM for surrounds + KEF 107.2 & Mono-block Denon amps + old Denon class A amp for main)
I have a RSP-1098 with a Rotel RB-1080 powering a pair of N802's with a RB -1075 powering SCM-1 surrounds. I love my 1098 and for the price I think nothing out there can touch it.
Only thing I am thinking of changing on my system is the RB-1080 but people are telling me that I will not be able to tell much difference even if I upgrade to a RB-1090.


Any thoughts
I have the RSP1068, the major upgrade to the 1098 for my needs was the video screen wich makes no sense to me, it is too small to be of any real use so why muddy up the internals with more video crap? My dad has the MC8 (un-balanced) and it is a big step up from Rotel, but to be honest it would be best to get reasonable movie pro and add a tube pre for music wich both my dad and I do, he runs an Audio Research SP16, I run a Sonic Frontiers SFL1 and we are both happy with movies and stereo. In close I will simply add my opinion that it is fairly easy to get an enjoyable movie experience and not alot of cash can get you great results.....great or even good 2 channel is a bit harder to get right.
Classe is a different league to Rotel.