Classe SSP-25 vs. Proceed AVP

Trying to decide ona great 2 channel preamp that also does a good job with hometheater(Small Apt). I had been looking at the CAL 2500, but 5k is a bit out of my price range. I know Classe make good stuff, but does anyone have an opinion on this piece? The Proceed is an option because I could find a used one for about 3k. I have read the reviews at, but am looking for some more input. What about base management, I have heard the Classe doesn't have the most flexible setup is this tru? Help

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I am using a Classe' SSP-25 for my music and home theater, and feel it is a good unit, altho it has a glitch I wish it did not have. Using my Pioneer Elite DV-05, upon layer change (a second or less), the 25 will lose lock, taking about two more seconds to lock on, cutting off a bit of dialog on occasion. I have never read about any other processors exhibiting this symptom, and my friend, who owns an AVP says his does not. Classe' feels this is "normal", but Robert Harley, in an e-mail response, has not experienced this. He states "If other manufacturers can perform this without losing lock, then they all should be able to". I still like the 25, overall. Mike Colwell