Classe ssp 25 & Classe ca-150 vs. Nu Vista M3

Which would you prefer? I might have the chance to get a musical fidelity nu vista m3. I could always get another ca-150 and run them bridged also. I'm not unhappy with the classe but if the nu vista is going to be better...
current speakers are paradigm studio 20's
I listen to everything from rock to techno to female vocals to beethoven.
As long as the MF was made in the UK, I think it will be a big step up in sound quality. I had an SSP-25. It was OK for movies but nothing special for music.
I owned the Nu Vista M3 for a short time and was very disappointed in the sound quality. I quickly sold it for a loss. Never again will I own MF gear. Same goes for Simaudio.
I always idolized the M3 MF gear but when I owned a 308 integrated I didn't like the sound at all. Even though I had the negative experience I would still be curious if an M3 came around at the right price, just to see if it was substantantially different. I doubt one will come along at a good price so this is purely imagineary.
B_Limo, if you're "not unhappy" with Classé, a CP-60 or CP-50 will be a big step up from the SSP-25 on music.
Thanks Gbart! I'll look into that. Tonight I'm just enjoying my new Musical Fidelity A3 cd player. Very enjoyable difference from my denon dvd-2900 :-) As a matter of fact I'm not bummed at all that my dac is out getting serviced right now. Ahhh, audio bliss!