Classe Sigma SSP Owners

Whelp, took the plunge. Sold the Marantz and bought the Classe. I'll be receiving the Classe tomorrow with great anticipation. I've heard nothing but great reviews and had a chance to DEMO locally, so I was sold. Anyway, I've gotten slightly 'selfish' by using Audyssey the last few years so I'm a little nervous that I no longer have the feature with the Classe.

Anyway, for all owners out there, would you recommend a professional 'tuning' service call or would I be just fine setting the machine up myself?
I would do it yourself. I bought an XTZ room analyzer Pro that you use your PC to test. The kit includes all you need and you download the software. It will give you PEQ recommendations. Once you play with it for a bit you will get it tuned in.