Classe' Sigma SSP. Is it outdated?

I have agreed to help sell some home theater/ audio equipment for the estate of a relative who recently passed away.

Some of the gear has sold easily.

Other bits have 'watchers' and questions being asked by potential buyers.

However, the Classe' Sigma SSP AV pre-amp is generating zero interest and zero 'watchers' on eBay. Zero questions or inquiries. The cost new was $5000. I have it priced considerably below half of that. I do not have the remote, box, manual or accessories but it comes with a Shunyata Venom power cord.

I know absolutely nothing about home theater. So my question is if there is something about this unit that has not kept pace with newer home theater capabilities that makes it unappealing?

I may just have it overpriced or trying to sell it in the wrong place. Probably need to list it here.
Also, home theater is a different market from two-channel. I don't know if AVS Forum has a marketplace, but you might check.
That preamp in 2 channel (digital bypass with a external Dac) is excellent! As a surround sound processor, outdated. In digital XLR Bypass with good cables, it will hold its own with Preamps twice as much. It was built with 2 channel in mind, true balanced circuits.
It did finally sell. I don't remember how much I got for it. The money went to the estate.
I wouldn't say outdated as a Limited Channel Count and Video switching, I am using mine with a Theta GEN VIII s3 Dac wise and its an amazing pairing.