Classe' Sigma SSP. Is it outdated?

I have agreed to help sell some home theater/ audio equipment for the estate of a relative who recently passed away.

Some of the gear has sold easily.

Other bits have 'watchers' and questions being asked by potential buyers.

However, the Classe' Sigma SSP AV pre-amp is generating zero interest and zero 'watchers' on eBay. Zero questions or inquiries. The cost new was $5000. I have it priced considerably below half of that. I do not have the remote, box, manual or accessories but it comes with a Shunyata Venom power cord.

I know absolutely nothing about home theater. So my question is if there is something about this unit that has not kept pace with newer home theater capabilities that makes it unappealing?

I may just have it overpriced or trying to sell it in the wrong place. Probably need to list it here.
In my experience, it is the higher priced gear that takes longest to sell. Also, the Classe gear was well built in general, but recent changes in ownership of the company (it nearly closed down) may scare off some potential buyers who are worried about getting service when the time comes. It might be worth your while to find out if Classe offers service on the that model still.

P.S. My philosophy is that if a unit doesn't sell after 60 or 90 days, I've overpriced it, so I cut the asking price.
Thank you. It has only been up for about a month so I suspect I need to give it more time. It just seemed that most of the other components at least have watchers and questions being asked but nothing on the Classe'. I'm going to list it here on Audiogon as well.
Also, home theater is a different market from two-channel. I don't know if AVS Forum has a marketplace, but you might check.