Classe Sigma SSP and Sigma amp 5

Any owners of these units that can pass on their overall assessments? They look like great candidates for a home theatre core at reasonable prices if top notch. Any knowledgeable comments would be appreciated.
I'm sure you've looked at the reviews. They are all very positive. and also Kal's (Kr4) review in Stereophile though I can't seem to find the link for it on Google. My recollection is that he too thought very positively about it. Kal followed up an article a few months later on the Krell Foundation processor, which he also gave very high marks to.
Looks like a winner...Thanks for the links.
I purchased  the Classe Sigma SSP/Amp 5 combination last October (MIT cabling, ProAc Response 2.5 and 3.0 front end, ProAc Response CC1 center, B&W DS3 surrounds and rear surrounds, Mac Mini server, Linn Sondek LP12, Pioneer Elite Blu-Ray, EAD T-1000 transport).  I have found the combination to be extraordinary.  While it doesn't have every option under the sun, the compromises have fit my requirements perfectly with the only exception being the occasion when I want to watch an old Laser Disk.  For this, I bypass the Video functionality of the SSP and go straight into my television and use the digital output only into the SSP.  My only issue is that the DirecTV remote control doesn't work with the SSP so I added a Harmony universal remote.  I have had zero regret or buyers remorse in choosing the Classe combination.
Out of curiosity, I am still using an older 5 channel titan amp from sim audio which I love.  Any insight if this will match well with a sigma ssp?  I'm reluctant to get the classe amp with my current one doing it's job well.  Any insight appreciated!
Can't see why it wouldn't work? 
I figured it would be technically fine but wasn't sure if there were parameters that made a particular processor a good fit for a particular amp?  Sounds good though, I am definitely going to check the sigma out