Classe Sigma SSP and Rel S3 connection issue

Did anyone out there have any issue with connecting the Classe Sigma SSP and Rel S3 subwoofer using both .1 LFE and Rel high level speaker connection at the same time. I have an issue using this connection as recommend by Rel and configure the front left and right speaker to "full". When I did it this way, I lost all mid bass when watching 5.1 movie.
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I used both inputs which is recommended by Rel. I have my center and surrounds speaker Xcross over at 60 and 80 hz respectively. Then front left and right set to full. This is what rel recommend but I lost all mid bass. Then I change the front speaker to cross at 60 hz but still have the same results. Rel said this is what need to be done but Classe said no.
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My main front left and right are B&W 804s and center is also B&W htm3s. They are cross at 60hz. There are no sub out cross over in the Classe. The Rel speaker level cross over for the main speakers is cross at around 40hz. When I listen to stereo music using just the main with the speaker level input, bass are fine. It is just that for 5.1 listening, even we set all speakers to small and let them cross over to the sub out, the mid bass is not that good. I think is something to do with how Classe handle bass management. Quite disappointed with the Sigma SSP.
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I have tried that scenario as well,have all speakers cross at 60hz which mean only the LFE input and sub out are used, but mid bass is still missing. The only way I got full bass is disable sub out at the ssp and set main speaker to full. This way all the other speakers will send their bass info to the main speaker and the rel support the bass under 40 hz. However I don't like this setup because it will put an extra load on my amp. What I don't understand is why I still can't get full bass from the ssp using sub output and the rel LFE input, and have all speakers cross at 60 hz?
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Were you using ebass or not
Did you know there were lfe bugs that the newest software corrects, and it corrected issues, what slope are you using as well as mode and 12 or 24, peq and tone ??, if your ssp was a demo check the peq
Just upgraded to the latest firmware last night It doesn't seems to make any difference. I still have no mid bass when enable subwoofer and eBass in the speaker setting. I am using slope of 12, no Peq and no tone. How is your setup? Do you feel u got enough bass ? My Sigma SSP is brand new from Classe not a demo.
Remember Ebass Routes Lfe to the Mains AND the SUB So it might be a cancellation.

No PEQ = check the Checkbox Group enable and the front LR and Sub Groups just to be safe
Under Controls Disable The Tone Controls

Just so we can eliminate a second system issue
Take a second config (Config 2)... set front LR to FULL
Assign a source 2 channel audio.. see if the midbass is there Just by process of elimination, then switch over to config 1, turn Ebass off


We can take a blank memory stick back the config and reset the prepro (menu 1 2 3) on the remote.. and then see if its something in your config... I suggest its cancellation... And I take it you checked set and measured delays

Notes Config 2 Set everything to off, the mains to full And See what you get with a 2ch source set Just to eliminate other system issues, I have 0 LFE issues

Snell Xa90PS powered by citadel 1.5s(balanced)

If you PM me I can try and walk you thru it.
Just a Thought if you set to full and No Sub the LFE should be routed thru mains Without needing a second .1 connection as well Could be an issue there if you are using both.

Waaaait what did you set the delays and distances to for the .1 AND the front LR
Can you tell me how do I PM you privately?
I thought I could pm within the system
239-353-1060 I will be home now until later, will walk you thru the checks. something is definitely off


What Amp are u using? Can u also tell  me how do u config your setup. Did u set all speaker to small and croas at what hz? What level u set your sub to? And are u using eBass? I am assuming u are quite happy with the SVS. Did u connect the SVS using the sub out in the Sigma SSP? Thanks.
Citadel 1.5s for the front left and right, running balanced, using a proceed amp5 for my center, surround channels

And my 2ch config is full range under configuration 2 no other speakers enabled

My multi channel config
Mains cross at 40hz -3db at 35
Svs 40
Group and eq measured with roomeq wizard
Delays were tape measured

My mains have active subs, so my config is unique and no lack of clean low bass in either config

What do you your rew plots look like and spl readings 75db weighting type c
Roomeq wizard and an spl meter should put you in the right direction to calibrate the ssp