Classe Seventy amp found in alley

Sitting in my downtown alley was this Classe Seventy amp. Other than a little bit dirty and having some sort of felt glued all over the top, its condition is good. And after hooking my Dynaco preamp up to it with some average speakers, it works fine. I'm still trying to figure out if I stumbled onto an abandoned, stolen item or maybe it was found in a move-out pile and the scrounger couldn't sell or trade it so he dumped it where I found it. It's kind of heavy. So did I find something desirable?
That's a great little amp. I was a Classe dealer for many years and sold a batch of those.

Excellent find!
Is there any way to date them?
If you have the serial number, I'm sure that Classe could tell you when it was made.

IIRC, that model was in production from around 1992 through 1998 or so. I might be off a couple of years.
According to the Orion Audio Blue Book, the 70 was made in 1992, has 75 watts per channel and had a list price of $1195.00.
hide it so nobody can see it and just listen.
Keep it but report it to the local police department that you found it and give them the model number and serial number. This way, if it was or is reported stolen, you won't be held responsible.

I had the larger Classe ( model 15) from the same era and it was an outstanding amp. If you decide to sell it ,they go for about $500.
I love these stories. A friend of mine bought a perfectly working ARC-SP3a preamp at an estate sale for thirty-five bucks. Back in the early 80s, I bought a Dynaco ST-70 and a Pas-3 preamp, both in perfect working order, for four bucks each.
Now look for a preamp and speakers.
"04-17-15: Czarivey
hide it so nobody can see it and just listen."

He's right. Some bum is going to want his ass warmer back.
A little bit of follow-up. My conscience got the better of me so I sent an email to an officer that I have met a few times. Not that we're friends. I explained the situation and asked him how a situation like this is handled. He replied that I should call 911 and report what I found, otherwise I risk being arrested! Not wanting the amp simply taken away, I replied that to 99.9% of the world, this would look like some common discarded piece of electronics. Since I'm smart enough to know that it's not common, I intend to keep it unless it has actually been reported stolen. Then I would gladly turn it over. His next reply asked me if I had found it on XXX street. I replied that it was the alley parallel to that street. I haven't heard back from him. We'll see. I've done nothing wrong. I just know that if it was mine, I'd want it back. And if someone threw it out, I'll take it.
Good for you. Karma is your friend.
ooo that officer really helped you dood!
Raymonda is right ...Karma is your friend. Do the right thing ... and the next thing you know, you'll run into a pair of Marantz Model Nines at a garage sale for 5 bucks each. :>)
Happy conclusion.....Here's what happened. I went down to City Hall to see if I could talk to a detective involved with burglaries. The disagreeable woman at the front desk gave me the "call 911 and they'll send out an officer." So I did. I was very lucky to get a guy that came into my workshop and went "Wow" when he saw all my old radios and woodworking equipment. He's restoring an old log house and bank barn out in the country. Plus he has his grandparents' old "upright radio." So, he looks at the amp and read the Seventy model as Serendipity....LOL. I write down the make and model number for him and he's going to go back to the station and see if it is on any burglary reports and call me back. Normally they would just take the item and if nothing came up, it would be destroyed! But for me, he would hate to see that happen. So, a half hour later he calls me and says that there was nothing, so as far as he's concerned, it's trash and it's mine.
The home audio gods are smiling down upon you for sure.
Or in the case of stumbling across a high end amp in an alley, "Instant Karma" but apparently it ain't gonna get you .
It's all kinda romantic and patriotic, but I've never seen ANY report on stolen electronic equipment with exact model and especially serial number. So if anyone ever reported stolen amp or any other audio/video components with serial number, please insite me and lemme know.
I thought 911 was for emergencies. Sounds like the system is being misused and people are just getting lazy.
Czarivey, if YOU had your equipment stolen, would YOU give the exact make and model of the equipment? I know that I would. In fact, I would do it with any of my possessions if they were stolen. How else could you identify it as yours? That was all that the OP reported, make and model, not serial number.

To the OP, good for you. You did the right thing and it worked out in your favor and you have a clear conscience.
Sounds like a great policy. Destroy any lost items, even if other people want them.
I know that once a year the Drug Task Force has a big auction for confiscated cars and other items considered ill gotten goods. Surely this could be used to sell other items like lost-and-found stuff. But it's probably just a case of time and money. Things would need to be stored, etc. And most used stereo equipment has little value, of course. Guns (forbidden subject?) are routinely destroyed. Always seems odd that when grandma turns over grandpa's old shotgun (possibly with antique value) they crush it....LOL.
Csmgolf, I definitely would give exact make and model, but not sure if I would remember the serial number at all. Make and model? There are thousands if not hundreds of thousands. Go figure.
If your house is broken into and your valuable items are stolen, you would file a report, with the model and serial numbers with the police. Also, for insurance purposes, you have to be able to properly identify what was stolen. You should have a detailed list of your valuables with make, model and serial numbers and include pictures and provide that to the insurance company. They bet on their customers not claiming everything stolen because they don't have or keep records and can't remember. This includes clothing also. When you are upset, it is hard to remember. so make a detailed list and take pictures.

But, in most cases, if you can't properly identify your stolen items by serial number, there is a good chance you will not be able to recover them.

I just know that in the case of stolen items, pawn shops, etc. if the police track items to pawn shops, they will use serial numbers. I mean, there are lots of Rolex watches stolen and pawned. Which one was yours? prove it. That is what will be said.

The OP did the right thing. Don't take any chances. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Report and be safe. Conscience isn't the issue. It is really about protecting yourself.

I also keep the receipts of my valuables. Also, when I purchase used items, I ask for a copy of the original receipt or purchase receipt if the item was purchased second hand by the seller. I try hard to not buy stolen/hot items. It simply isn't worth the headache or heartache when problems arise. Receipt of stolen items is a very serious issue.

again, enjoy
Some of the serious issues aren't recognizable as well. Common item such as Classe 70, could have been purchased from major electronics retailer that after certain period of time would not keep this receipt in the database. Besides, the database of let's say BestBuy only lasts for couple of months to take care of qualified returns and than gets recycled. Some of the receipts are recoverable within next year, but not any longer.
To print 2...3 years old receipt isn't a biggie. Not traceable, but yet serious issue.