Classe sa 150 Parasound A21 or CJ Mf2550A

Any input would be good. Heres my story. I picked up a used Classe sa 150 from a dealer with a 90 day warranty . Ran it for two days and it blew a cap or at least that was the dealer had thought. Fast forward it turns out it is beyond repair. While I had it hooked up it was a big improvment over previous amp. So the dealer can credit me for another amp and is a parasound dealer . He offer a good price on a A21 halo. Also I have an option to buy a CJ mf2550a but cant listen to it because of locale. I am using a tube pre that I cannot get the output impedance spec, now the amp the Classe replace had a 22k input the Classe had 75k the Parasound 33k and CJ 100k. My thought was part of the improvement with the Classe was the higher input rating. So would I be ok with the new Parasound or find another Classe or a used Cj mf2550a at the same cost as th new A21.
Any of those amps input impedance are fine. I would go for the new amp!
I forgot to mention,I owned a Classe model 15 years back. It was a great amp but as soon as I went to a tube preamp the amp would shut down. Classe has very sensitive protection circuits and any bit of DC will shut them off. As far as the Cj amp,it is at least 20 years old, it is likely a fine amp but why buy a headache down the road?