Classe preamps

I'm looking into buying my father a used Classe amp and preamp. I saw some reviews in that were not that complimentary. I am considering the CP45, CP47.5, CP30 and CP35 for preamps and the 10, 100, 150 for amps. Thanks
I liked the CP 30 I had, built very well, with a full powerful sound. The phono stage was good too.
I would go for the newr rather than the older amps. Also consider the integrated CAP-150 or 151, very good value.
I have older classe' DR9 amp and DR6 pre-amp (purchased via audiogon)and they are built like tanks and I believe sound far superior than the newer classe' gear.
I have a Classe CA-200 and a CAV-75 amp for surround. I think they sound awesome. The 'Classe Sound' is rich smooth midrange with clean smooth highs. The bass is full and deep, although I've had other amps that were tighter in the bass and more detailed, but the Classe wins overall because of the warmth in the midrange. Vocals are awesome. Don't pay too much attention to the audioreview reviews, if you notice many of them seem to be people that hate Canada. Maybe they are threatened by the compatition. I read these too and they made me nervous, but I'm glad I ignored them. The sound is excellent and build quality beyond reproach. Good Luck.
I have the classe 6 preamp and think they represent great value at $1000 or less on the used market. I talked to classe about their more recent models, of the ones you mentioned they seemed to prefer the 47.5 over the 30 45 or 50.
I have a Classe Model DR-4 that I purchased new around 8 years ago and had it upgraded to a model 4 around 6 years ago. I had a tube preamp before that and I have been very satisfied with the sound of the Classe. It is built like a tank and all of the switches and features have worked flawlessly to date. It drives 20ft interconnects with no problem. The only problem I have had has been a ground loop hum that was easily solved with a cheater plug.
The 2 newest generation of Classe product are of questionable quality.The old dr series r good i would try to find them. I owned a Classe cdp1 cd player and ecounted continious problems and sound quality was 5 out of 10. I would look for a different front end than classe
I used a DR4 pre for years and never heard a peep out of it other than music. Before buying, I also auditioned the DR5 and DR6. I actually preferred the 4 despite the fact that it was the least expensive of the bunch. I don't know how it works now, but at that time Classe gave a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.
I own Classe amp, preamp, and cd players after auditioning several other brands. (Models: CA-300, CP 47.5, CDP 1.5) The longer I play these units the more I like them. On there are several negative reviews on Classe CD players; in my experience you can safely ignore them. The most common problem was a tracking error in the laser pickup. I have played literally hundreds of CDs in my CDP 1.5 and have yet to encounter a single tracking error. Classe informed me the problem was fixed over a year ago (my CD player was purchased in 8/2000). The CA 300 amp is the jewel of the bunch. Classe has a very smooth sound with thundering bass. I've tested my amp in a couple of different systems, and each time the Classe outperforms other brands, IMHO. Customer service has thus far been very good.
I have a Classe CP-60 that I use w/ a Wadia 860x,Classe' CAM-350s and Dynaudio Confidence 5s. I have tried the Wadia direct, some tube preamps and other SS preamps and stuck with the Classe'. I like their preamps. Many people don't like them because they are "'tweeners" not as dry and analytical as some SS and not as "warm" ( inaccurate) as some tubes. I suggest that you look at one of the Classe integrateds for your needs