Classe power amps tech data and depreciation.

Used Classe poweramps seem to be affordable to purchase or upgrade, but depreciation is quite deep vs. their new price.
vs. other brands such as Macs, Krell, Pass, Rowland.

Do owners former or current have thoughts to share?
Good, bad experiences, reasons to upgrade sell?

I've also read in most of the specks that load should be 4Ohms minimum. What if speakers 'diving' bellow 3Ohms?
Classe does not support servicing of its older gear, in particular the products manufactured before the 2001 B&W acquisition. I had to throw away a tuner and a stereo power amp due to poor service support. You can buy older gear for cheap, but if it develops a problem, do not think that it can be fixed.

In contrast, I had excellent service from Pass Labs for an old stereo power amp. And I had great service from Audio Classics for an old McIntosh tuner. I have no experience with the other brands you mentioned -- Krell and Rowland.