classe power amp or pass labs x250, x350??

My system: rotel rmb 1080(2 ch),rmb 1075 (5ch), rsp-1098
denon dvd2900, M.F. xpsuv3,x10v3,
Monster Avs2000, hts3600
B&W N804(front),htm 1(Center), 700s (rear)

i'm planning to upgrade my front 2 ch amp, thinking of a pre-owned pass labs x350,but i know classse products is good match with B&W, so any advice or opions for picking which brand?
I would vote for the Pass amp.I like the "sound" better and it should mate well with the B&W N series.
wow, good stuff, I've owned both. I had a set of BW N804's powered with a Classe CA300. It sounded GREAT. I eventually upgraded to the 803's, again using the CA 300 and now that was the cat's meow. Last year I upgraded again to the BW N802's but switched to Pass Labs. I have both the x250 and an x350 and I'm hard pressed to hear much difference between the x350 and the x250. I do think the x250 may be a bit more refined. there are lots of reviews on the topic, try searching the archives. As for the Classe/Pass labs comparison, they are very similar, and match up well with B&W but I think you have to pay a whole lot more for a Classe amp to get what Pass can give you, unless you can get an older Classe Amp. I think the old CA 200 would be more than ample for the N804's and they show up on AG pretty reasonabley priced. let us know what you choose.
I'm a fan of Nelson Pass's designs, so I'd go for the Pass Labs. That being said, both are very good amps that will drive the 804's well and'll give you plenty of musical emjoyment.
thx guys for all the detailed information, right now i think i 'm going to get the x250