Classe, Pass Labs or Odyssey

Well, I think it may be out with the tube amp as I'd like to try SS with my Gershman Cameleons. I need something with good detail and air, but not analytical, pleasant midrange, and a well controlled bass. I'm currently considering:

Classé CA300 (or possibly 200)
Odyssey Dual Mono Stratos
Pass Labs X150

Any thoughts appreicated! Thanks in advance for you time.
I had a pair of Odyssey Stratos monos and now UPGRADED to a Classe 200 that will be monoed when I find another. My brother has had the 300 and 400 wich are both better than my single 200 in controlling the speaker. Nice airy highs and warmer mids to go with the great bass extension and control. My M3s haven't gone this low in their lives. Z
i used to own mcintosh, yamaha, and ati amps and integrated amps in the past. I then demo'd the classe 201 and 301, and their cam monoblocks, along with bryston, simaudio, and plinius amps and decided to go with the odyssey monoblocks with the cap upgrades. the odyssey and the classe amps are very similiar in sound, but the $$$$'s savings, the long warranty, and the custom options swayed me to the odyssey's. also, i talked to klaus at he2003 and he informed me that he has an upgrade to make these monoblocks even better for around $600. I will be doing this upgrade in august. Good luck!
Honestly the Oddyssey extreme is the better choice,
I have them very musical, and neutral,I use them
with my andra 15k speakers.Klaus has 30 days trial.
If you live next to me Ill borrow you mine.