Classe owners...Please help with speaker selection

I'm looking for a pair of speakers to match with my CAP-101. I mainly listen to blues and jazz. I'm curious to hear what speakers other Classe owners have matched with their amps and integrateds. I'm trying to keep the cost under $800 new or used. I have no preference in terms of bookshelf or floorstanding speakers.

Thanks in advance for your help!
Used Thiel 1.5's are a good a sonic match with the older Classe amps. I couldnt' comment on that piece though. B&W Matrix 805's or 804's might fit that price range, and will sound good with the Classe's, albeit a slightly warmer sounding speaker. The Thiel is more neutral in the bass/midrange, but a pinch pushy in the lower/mid trebble. I used Thiel 1.5's on Classe CA150's, and it was as nice as you could expect at that price range for SS amps. YOu'd need stands for the 1.5's however for best soundstage height. These two speakers are going to sound about as refined as you'd likely get at those prices, and let you hear more of the music like it was recorded.
Good luck
I have older Classe DR-9's driving my Taylo REF 2's. You may want to check out a used taylo ref monitor though I think they go for around 1000$.
I am using Vandersteen 1B with my CAP-151. I am quite happy with them. I am looking forward to upgrading to the 2Ce Signatures in the future. I heard this combination before my local dealer closed shop. They sound fantastic. Bass is clean and well defined, with the soundstage extending well outside the speakers. You should be able to pick up a pair of the original or Signatures for the money you are looking at spending. Good luck!
I'll second the smaller Thiels plus add that you might want to try some Magnepan MMG's. I've used Thiel SCS's, 2 2's and 5i's along with Magnepan IIB's, MMG's and 3.6's. Classe amps were the CA100 and CA400. Good luck, Bob D
I've used Triangle Titus and Linn Tukan's in the $400-500 price range. The Tukan's sounded much better. The Classe-Titus combination could be harsh in the upper frequencies. The Linn's are more musical, warmer than the Titus, but a little thin still. I'd keep going up to your $800 price point!
I heard the Classe CAP-101 with a pair of B&W CDM 1NT's and thought that it sounded quite nice. It was a very luxurious sound. I only listened for a brief time, not sure if it would become fatiguing or not. I guess it would depend on your listening preference.

Hales and B&W.
I'm using bigger units - CA200 and SSP-75 - with Martin Logan Odyssey / Descent.