Classe or McIntosh Is Classe going out of businesssed

I am upgrading my Parsound 5 ch amp . Thinking about the used Classe CA5100 or the Mac 7505  Heard that Classe is going out of business. Do you think that it will affect resale or should I not buy Classe ?
Do people still buy Yugo’s?  That was said with tongue in cheek.  I would think the resale on them would drop; which means you could get a much better deal as time progresses.  I don’t know if they’ve “officially” closed, but reports say they are no longer in production and are sitting on a significant amount of inventory.  
Norm, why only these two models? There is a world of multi channel amps as well as Mono blocks. 

Need to know more about budget and what speakers you have to recommend other possible alternatives.

With Classe going under service might be an issue. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Classe builds in China now ! McIntosh still builds in America , no doubt what I would buy !
If your Parasound is a Halo amp and being used in a HT system, what is to be gained by replacing it? The Halo's are fine amps in their own right. Are you looking for more power?

McIntosh makes excellent amps especially their integrated amps.
Their customer service is first rate. You really can't go wrong with one of their products. And they will be here in future years.
Always stay away form companies that are going under.
I have owned McIntosh equipment for a while now and have never been disappointed.
Whether you like McIntosh or not, it does tend to hold its value much better than most other brands.  I've been successful recently, purchasing nearly new McIntosh electronics (where the original purchaser takes the "hit" on the depreciation), only to find that when I go to sell the items (over a year later, but when the item is still a current model), I get nearly what I paid for it.
How sad I am to hear of Classe' closing. I both sold and still own it. I have the 5100 which is a marvelous 5 channel amp that will drive almost anything with grace as well as the top end processor-preamp. They sit ready to be installed in a home I have been building the last few years. My favorite piece that I ever owned was the CAP-151. Such amazing sound. I have never heard a better integrated amp in my life. Not sure what the 5100 is costing you but no worry when it comes to sound. 
Check out an article by Ted at Strata-Gee.Com today. Apparantly Sound United is interested in buying Classe. Sound United owns Polk, Denon, Marantz and Def Tech. They are looking to add a higher end audio company and are very interested in Classe.
McIntosh all day long...don’t like it, sell it and break even...quality and aesthetics aside this is one of my top reasons for sticking with Mcintosh....
I have Mcintosh C500 MC501's and I love it.
Before I had BAT VK150SE's,Parasound,...etc
And gonna keep my MC . 
Nobody should feel bad about Classe folding. they started digging their grave a very long time ago. A mini Kodak.

This is an easy one: McIntosh.  I still have 30 year old McIntosh stuff that runs fine.  And I know that if I have to have them serviced, the company will still be there.  There are plenty of companies out there selling extremely sophisticated gear; will they still be around when you need them later?  Would anyone want to buy them used?

When Dave Rich left Classe. That was all she wrote.    The Mac stuff
Has been sold a few times.  I would move on to bigger and better things 
The Classe I loved went far earlier.  Many of the original Dave Reich designs simply sounded better than the new ones made after he left (caveat - I have no experience with the last 5 years of production - haven't had a chance to hear them).

Noticed the usual "I buy American" statement.  Wonder where these guys think most of the components came from?  It's like an American car group I follow - when people post that they wouldn't put those cheap Chinese wheels on their cars, they want to stick with good old US made parts, I have to tell them that the OEM GM wheels were made in China, and parts from Japan, Canada and Mexico make up a substantial portion of the cars.

In fact there is so much made outside the US that American car makers have decided to fudge the truth and created a fiction where Canada is the same as being the US so they don't lose the 'Give me American or give me nothing' buyers.  All of you America fans better not buy a  Camaro - they were made in Canada through 2015.

The move to China for manufacture in about 2011 wasn't bad for Classe - as long as they kept a close eye on quality control, they saved money without affecting the quality of the goods.

I never worried about warranty - all my 80s and 90s Classe gear was long out of warranty, but was still serviced by Classe/B&W - had a power amp overhauled a couple of years ago.  Is B&W going to continue service - does anyone know?
I have Mac and Classe amps - like them both but they sound way different. 

Don't want to jinx myself but I have had a Classe CA200 for 23+ years with zero problems and it still sounds great.  It would be great to see them get back into the game.