Classe or McIntosh

I have the Cam 200s and have an itch to own vintage tube amps.I like the looks of the MC60s,but how do they compare.Will I be making a mistake?
One thing with McIntosh is that if you don't like them you can usually get what you paid for them re-selling them.
Old mac isn't what it's hyped up to be. Repairs are a lot, the sound isn't great and they aren't the best looking. I'd rather take the same money and buy newer quicksilver monos.
I had older tube Mc's and then went to a pair bigger SS Mc's. The SS gave much more detail. .... BUT:

I replace the two big Mc's with the smallest, cheapest Krell which blew the Mc's away.

PS> I now have huge Krells
I read a lot of threads in here and the general opinion on Mcintosh MC60 is that they don't sound the greatest.
On the other hand I would love to find a good deal on MR 71
MR 78 OR 80 vintage FM tuner.Why don't you try Quicksilver Mono's as it was mentioned or Rogue M150's mono's.I got the Rogue's and I am happy.
You are really talking about 2 completely different animals here. A vintage tube amp vs a relatively new SS amp are two very different things and you shouldn't expect them to compare the same. It will also be very dependent on your other source equipment and especially your speakers. You will not get the bass control with the Mac that you currently would get from the Classe and the highs will sound more rolled off. On the other hand the Classe will not have the midrange "magic" of a vintage amp. I've owned a Classe CA 200 and now have a Mac 2012 tube amp. This might be a closer comparison, but even though they are both new designs, a person really needs to hear both to decide which they would like better.
I have the Cremona Auditors.I know ther is no comparison,I just have never heard the MC60s.
I am familiar with the MC240 and it is very beautiful sounding. At the time I had Paradigm ref 100.2 and it worked great as long as you didn't overdo the volume. I want to get one in the future. Michaela is right on the mark - expect to get a big difference in sound from the CAM200s.

There is nothing wrong with the MC60s - they are basically the same as the other Mc tube amps of that era. They are rare though and fetch a handsome sum of money when the finally appear on the market.

Drr - I went from a Krell KSA100 to a McIntosh 7100 and never regretted it. What models are you comparing?

i own a pair of classe cam 350's and i have owned a pair of mc60's.....

two totally different animals...

the cams are very,very dreamy for a ss amp -very reliable.
the mc60's are carmel colored- relaibilty unknown..

i would be tempted to the middle ground with the atmasphere mc60 with a matching speaker.

The comparison was from two Mc2105's to one KST100.
I have since upgraded to several much more advanced Krells.

There are many good amps both solid state and tubes as indicated in this discussion. However, the patented unity coupled output transformer in MAC tube amps is unique. It has the lowest distortion of any other push pull output transformer, and this does translate into very natural presentation. I always get drawn to the sonic presentation of vintage MACs, such as the MAC 1500 receiver, the MC 225 amplifier and the MA 230 integrated amplifier.
Ocean,you did't mention the MC60s in your list. Any reason?
Gellis, the MC60, MC30 and MC240 are also desirable amps, but the 7591 output tubes in the MC225, MA230 and MAC1500 produces a sonic glow that is rather captivating!
Any body know which cause "hum" noise from mc30 amp .How can I fix it? Thank you very much for your help.
McIntosh for service, and either Mac or Classé depending on your taste. You will have to be patient with Classé if you expect to talk to anyone there for a problem . Took them 3 weeks to return my call once. As for Mac, well, they just seem to care more.
Not to butt in, except i do have two Quicksilver mono-blocs. for sale on this site. I don't know your power requirements,etc., yet it could be a good thing to look and see what you think.
which of 2 is the best to b&w 802d
oranges to apples
Sonicbeauty, I own/have owned several Classé components, and have communicated with their customer service department many times over the years. I have never failed to reach anyone at the factory by phone when I needed to, and have always had someone reply to my e-mail messages in less than 24 hours, and typically within 3-4 hours. I can point you to a number of Classé owners who have nothing but praise for the company's excellent customer service. You can't damn a company by your one negative experience.