Classe or Mac ??

HI ! everybody , just got a pair of B&W 805s last week and now shopping for an amp , preamp / integrated ( unfortunately budget will only allow me for a pre-owned solid state , little over 2k ) I found some one locally thats selling a Classe CA-200 amp , paired up with CP-50 preamp for about 2k even . Theres is a another source I found ( out of state ) with a Macintosh MA-6500 Integrated for little under 3k ....The Classe is about 7 yrs old and the Macs about less than 2 yrs old . The question I have for all you experts am I better off with the newer Mac integrated or would I get a better over all sound with the Classe ? ..I would really appreciate any opinions ...thanks
No brainer. grab your cd player, cables and 805's and go audition the Classe gear. Local is always preferred. The CA200 should be quite an amp.
I'd go with the Classe set-up.
Without hesitation, I'd choose the older Classe amp & pre over the pricier Mac integrated. Seven years old for a quality amp is not very old... you should have a decade of life left in that equipment before it may need any repair.
Thanks guys , I will be auditioning the Classe in a few hours , I'll keep you guys posted ...Thanks again for all the inputs .....
Easy answer . THE CLASSE ! Better pre-amplification and better amplification . The older DR series are still pumping out great music . Will last for many more years too come and retain better value . Not a big fan of B+W speakers but the Classe will get more out of them . "Slightly" warm sound but thats a good thing coming from solid state gear in my opinion anyway .
I have the Classe CA 200 and the CP 35 preamp running a pair of B&W Matrix 802 Series 3 speakers. I couldn't be happier with the set-up. With the helpful suggestions of Audiogonners I have recently installed a Classe phono board into my pre-amp for $200 so now I have a decent phono stage preamp. Now I am shopping for a turntable, tone arm and cartridge to dip my toe in the analog world. I cannot comment on the MacIntosh but I can say I am very pleased with the exact Classe equipment you are looking to purchase.
in this case...classe
I have owned both . I would go Classe.