Classe or Bryston?

Currently using a Bryston 9B with Aerial 8/surround system; not enough juice! I can augment two Classe CA-150 used as monoblocks with a CAV-75 bridged 3-way for center and rear, or just beef up the power to the 8's with another Bryston amp such as the 4B-ST. Anyone else had a similar showdown to determine the Canadian champ?
With regards to the 'cosmetic' upgrade on the Classe 200 to the 201, that is half true. They modified the CA-200 at some point in its production life (I think it was in 1998 or 1999) but they did not change the name at the time. You can tell the difference between the two models because the revised CA-200 has the heat sinks on the side instead of the back. They then did do cosmetic changes to make it the CA-201. Thus the model Stereophile reviewed and the model available today are not identical internally.
Nhorton - you sure about that? I've never seen a 200 with heat sinks on the side, I know the 300 and 400 I've seen have always been on the side. Anyway, mine are on the back and IMO it is a great amp, I did alot of comparison shopping/critical listening - I think it has the most natural sounding midrange of any SS amp available.
Very sure, I have one of the late model CA-200's and the sinks are on the sides. Before buying I wrote to Classe to confirm that they did do a revision and they confirmed it. Here is the content of the email: Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 17:39:36 -0700 From: Robert Reply-To: [email protected] To: Noah Horton Subject: Re: CA-200 vs CA201 The CA-201 is identical to the last version CA-200 (hest sinks on the sides) except for the cosmetics of the faceplate. cservice r
Interesting...thanks for the info. Enjoy the music!
Now which amp should be suited for 804 nautilus, please help