Classe or Bryston?

Currently using a Bryston 9B with Aerial 8/surround system; not enough juice! I can augment two Classe CA-150 used as monoblocks with a CAV-75 bridged 3-way for center and rear, or just beef up the power to the 8's with another Bryston amp such as the 4B-ST. Anyone else had a similar showdown to determine the Canadian champ?

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Audioears - for the record the Classe CA 200 was in the April, 1997 issue under class B and taken out in shortly thereafter because that model was upgraded cosmetically to the 201. Hey, all the advertisers can be found in rec. comp. somewhere - including Bryston! A few years ago John Atkinson ripped the Polk flagship line. Polk was always good for ads every month including the inside cover. They pulled their ads. Then the 'phile did a review on some Polk monitors and you got it, recommended them. Now Polk's back in the ad rotation!
Nhorton - you sure about that? I've never seen a 200 with heat sinks on the side, I know the 300 and 400 I've seen have always been on the side. Anyway, mine are on the back and IMO it is a great amp, I did alot of comparison shopping/critical listening - I think it has the most natural sounding midrange of any SS amp available.
Interesting...thanks for the info. Enjoy the music!