Classe Omega Omicron monos or Pass Labs X600???

I am curious what people's thought are on these amps. I am using B&W 800D's. I am looking to make this decision now, so any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

OK, I'll step up with an opinion and get the first round of flames. I don't think there is any contest between these two, I much prefer the Omega Omicron.

My response assumes your talking about This one.

I actually considered the bigger version of that amp for my (almost purchased) Maggie 20.1 speakers and my subsequent choice of the Dali Megalines.

This is one of a few transistor designs with dynamic contrast close to big tube amps yet maintains a pretty high frequency response, (no ragged treble found in many transistor designs).

The only other transistor amp that runs in that group is the Gryphon Audio Design, same as chosen by many designers (on the quiet) like Rockport Technologies.
I'll second Albert's vote for the Classe Omega Omicron's, especially considering that you're planning on driving B&W's with them. B&W owns Classe, and voices their speakers with them.
Just out of curiosity, if you can afford the Omega Omicrons which are $20K new why arent you considering the x600.5???

By the way, my vote goes for the Pass x.5 series. In my opinion, better dynamics than the Classe CA-M400 I heard with 802d.