Classe moving up to power amp from integrated?

I have a Classe integrated amp CAP-101 driving B&W 802 Matrix S3. It delivers 100W pc and the sound with the B&Ws is exceptional. But I hear that B&Ws do even better with higher power. I love the Classe sound, but my question is whether I would notice a significant improvement stepping up to a Classe amp with 200Wpc or more? Would it be worth the $2000 to $3000 upgrade?
There is a Classe CA-2300 (2 X 300 wpc) currently for sale on this site. This might be your cup-of-tea. I just got a Bryston with 300 WPC and the power makes a huge difference soundwise.
The Sim Audio integrateds sound quite similar to the Classe.  You may want to check them out as 
You may want to keep the  Classe CAP-101 as a preamp it has preamp outputs. 

And that Ca-2300 looks the goods to mate to it, if it's in your price range.

Cheers George
Is there a dealer in your area that will allow a home demo?
I'm guessing no, but thought I'd ask?
Ive heard but havent used your b&w's but I did upgrade my innersound electrostats from a classe cav75 (150 at 4 ohms) to a classe cav 150 (300 at 4 ohms) and it was a very noticeable change in dynamics and upper end clarity.  I am an engineer and know this shouldnt be the case, but less efficient speakers do tend to notice amp upgrades more. 
I agree with dweller and georgehifi that the Ca-2300 would be a huge upgrade and using your CAP-101 as a preamp until you can afford a better pereamp would work also.  I see your CAP-101 preamp outputs are single ended (RCA) only and balanced (XLR) are the way to go with the CA-2300.  I have a Classe amp with an upgraded SR black fuse and it sounds fantastic!
Thank you all very much for your advice. The CA2300 is a little out of my price comfort zone at the moment, but I'll start saving!