Classe Modifications

Good Day,

I have a Classe 47.5 Preamp, I like the pre for the most part, but I wanted to get some more performance from it, does any one know of a company that can modify my piece or has anyone modified one, and can they make reccomendations as to how I can get a deeper larger sounding sound stage from the unit. Your insight is greatly appreciated.


Keith, Dumb question time. Are you sure its the pre-amp? In my experience, speaker placement, listening seat placement, and room acoustics play a far greater role in perfecting the sound stage than the electronics. The absolute best sound stage I have ever heard I heard about 25 years ago which used very good but not SOTA components and speakers.....and I've listened to a lot of set up's over the years.
I have moved the speakers, have things dialed in well, all that, that was where i first started, the reason I asked the question was because I borrowed a Forte 44 pre from my high end shop, it was amazing, but it was also modified, so that was the motivation for my questions.
You might try Chris Johnson at the Parts Connexion, or John Hillig of Musical Concepts.