Classe Model Ten or McCormack DNA-125? Or...?

Hi all, 

Putting together a new (used) system and looking for some comments on amp and integrateds. My current preamp is a McCormack RCD-1, but that will change if I go with an integrated. Speakers are Vandy 2C’s. I have the following speakers cables in my stock: Mogami W3082, Kimber 4TC and Audioquest CV-4. Interconnects choices are Mogami 2549 And Kimber PBJ.

I can pick up the Classe Model 10 for $400. The McCormack DNA-125 will be $775. I’m sure the symergy with the McCormack pieces will be great, but wondering how the Classe and RLD-1 would sound together? 

If I decide on an integrated, I’m considering a Roksan K2, which has 125 wpc at 8 ohms. The only other integrated I would consider is maybe a Naim XS, but I think the 60wpc is a little lite for the Vandys.

I had a Classe 10 from 1997 to 2008.  I found it fatigue free but on the dark side.  I had auditioned the DNA125 when I was looking at the Classe 10, but as I was poor back then it came down to price and the 10 was less money.  I personally think the DNA125 would be a better fit. The DNA125 can be upgraded by Steve McCormack to a much better and improved amp if you desire later on.
I had a DNA 125 and it was a great amp, I used with a RLD-1 with good results, although pairing it with a c-j Classic 2 SE proved to be an even better combo.  It's right at home with more expensive gear and is a huge value used.

It's definitely an amp I regret selling, it's that good. One of those rare components I would be inclined to purchase again if I found  nice one used.
McCormack and Vandersteen's have a history of playing well together.  I would strongly suggest going with the McC. and then having SMc Audio upgrade it as funds become available.  In the meantime you'll have much music to enjoy.🎼
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I also vote McCormack.  Amazing amps. My original DNA 0.5 that i bought off audiogon in 2005 still going strong in my brother's system. I like to grab it every so often to reference my merry go round equipment over the years. Always a treat to hear the 0.5. I have had 2 DNA 225s, a DNA 1, DNA0.5 Rev B, and now im on my second mint condition DNA 125 (btw, never one issue with any dna amp. They simply play music and get out of the way). I keep telling myself ill keep it forever, but us audiophiles have a way with seriously though it is a great match with the Light Speed Attenuator. The pair sounds very transparent, lush etc. I am expecting Dynaudio Special 40's this week because i downsized from the amazing s5.4 and im sure the 125 will drive these as well as it did (to my shock and pleasant surprise) the big s5.4. There is something just 'right' about the DNA amps. God willing i will try other pieces of gear, because thats just plain half the fun of it, but I'll probably be keeping the 125.
Cheers and happy listening 

Wow, it seems pretty unanimous that the Mack 125 is the way to go. In the end, I can see myself going that way as well. So I guess as far as integrateds are concerned, the Roksan K2 isn’t anywhere near either of the power amps and RLD pre? The only reason I brought up the Classe and the Integrated possibilities is cost. I can save $375 getting the Classe, then use that savings towards a cd player—which I also need. Yes, I still use cd as it’s my reference. I also listen to vinyl and stream/aiff through itunes (iphone/ipad) to an HRT iStreamer. I guess I was kinda hoping the Classe was on par sound wise with the Mack 125. However, if push comes to shove, I can hold-off on a cd player for awhile and use streaming and vinyl. There was another integrated I was considering, and it even comes with the matching cd player, was a Cairn 4808 and fog v2 soft cd player. However, I’ve discovered that the 4808 is the class-A version (not north face) and is  30wpc. Although, when you look under the hood of the 4808A, it shows large double toroidal transformers. It must be a very healthy 30wpc, but I guess is still way little for the Vandys. 
Classe is good stuff no doubt, but things are very rocky service wise with their recent problems.   I also had a DNA 225 on loan and it was great bit at the 125 fit my budget and needs  better... great amps. 
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