Classe Model 30

I have recently borrowed a Classe Model 30 preamp to use in my 2 channel setup. My amp is a Classe CA 200 and B&W N805 speakers and a tube modded Sony 999ES. I was using my Rotel 1066 pre/pro for this function previously, but have noticed a nice improvement with the addition of the Classe preamp. It is hard to find feedback on the Model 30 and am wondering what peoples thoughts were on this preamp. I am considering buying it but would also like to get recommendations on other preamps. I listen to CD and SACD and my tastes are all over the map.
If you go for the old Classe pre-amp, the best for the money are those cp45, cp50, or cp60s. I had cp45 that filled my need and very quiet with balance interconnect. I love to own cp50 or cp60 (just did not like the digital display-red colour to hard to read from distance, and cause problems when they friend have the cp60 has been service couple times for flicking number on the display, lucky we live just two hrs from Classe manufacture and they have good service). Other than that, they sound great and build like tank.
The 30 was not one of their better products. If you don't mind lacking a remote , a DR5 or 6 would fill your bill and be a better match to your other fine equipment.
Not sure about the 30, but I think it's the same as a CP-35 w/ a phono stage? I have a CP-35, but haven't used it much in a few years as I've been running a Wadia direct. When I bought it, it was the best preamp I auditioned at or under its price. In the system I had at the time, it was very transparent, and didn't seem to cause any problems. Other preamps I tried mucked up the signal in obvious ways. It was one of the best investments I ever made in my system.
I have a cp 47.5 pre, I love it, nice sound stage, clean sounding, and it has been nothing but fantastic w/ my system.
All classe equipment, so I may be biased, but I believe you can get teh cp 47.5 for a ressonable price, since its no longer in production.
try tubes...a bat vk3 or vk30 can be had with remote..also cary makes some really nice tube units..
I agree with Amthanh that the CP50 would be even better for little more money. The CP47.5/65 were a step down in refinement from the previous 45/50/60 series (and obvious cost cutting if you compare the two side-by-side). I had a CP50 and loved it very much. I sold it to get a BAT vk-3i (tubed) which is better but only in hifi aspects - not in musical aspects. Sometimes I would miss the silkyness and coherence the Classe had so I added an integrated to my system so as to have both bases covered. Good luck! Arthur
I owned one and was underwhelmed. Gave it to a friend of mine who thought it was the cat's meow. Until he bought a CJ PV-12 and then he had can I put this gently, paradigm shift.
I am owner of the Classe thirty and zeventy combination. The preamp has a dark sound due to the limited frequentie reponse ( 20 khz ), you can solve it by removing 2 styroflex capacitors , the frequentie response is than about 300 kHz, but now you can hear more problems.
The powersupply has as stabilizer 7815 and 7915 you can change these to 317 and 337 with some added electronics.
Change the powersupply elco,s and do not use the ground off the circuitboard but bring that side of the elco with a wire to the transformer middle ( star ground ). and change 2 opamps in opa 627. I must say , it sounds very good. Huib