classé makes noise on power off.

I have a Classé CAP-100 integrated amplifier. Within a few seconds of powering it off I hear a strange whistle like sound coming from the right channel followed by the same sound in the left. I have tried adjusting the volume during this time, but it does not have any effect, so whatever is happening is happening "after" that portion of the pre-amp or only in the amp section of the unit. I was using this with a larger set of speakers and do not remember ever hearing the noise, but now on a smaller set of two way B&W speakers I hear it every time. Is this something I should worry about? Is it just capacitors bleeding off or something like that or is it a sign of a developing problem? I am not very familiar with high end equipment (only that I love the sound of this amp) so if this is an ignorant question I apologize ahead of time.


Lewis- Classe has GREAT customer service, you should contact them let them know what your integrated is doing. Chances are they will fix it for free or darn near free.
Thanks, I just sent them an e-mail. I bought the unit used a few years ago (you obviously can't find these new) so I am not sure if it would be covered if something is indeed wrong, but at least they can hopefully tell me if this is a problem or just part of normal operation. It's a very quiet sound and does not affect music playback at all, so it's certainly not a "problem" but just something I began noticing. For all I know, many high end components have some kind of noise associated with power off.

Thanks again,

Lewis- You may be VERY surprised with classé and there customer service. I have a friend who- by accident- did a little "welding" with a no longer produced classé omega amp. He shipped it back to them and they fixed it for no charge(he had to pay shipping but its still not a bad deal), when it was clearly misuse. When he got it back he discovered that it sounds better now then ever before- needless to say he is VERY pleased. Good luck with it.
I also had a great experience with Classe's customer service. I had a CDP .5 that needed some minor servicing and since it was out of warranty I had to pay just $50. It was serviced very fast and shipped out within a couple of weeks. They even sent it back in a brand new box complete with foam padding. Armin of Classe was very courteous and friendly and took the time to answer all my questions. Good luck with your unit!
I have nothing but good thnigs to say about Armin. Fortunately I've never had to send in any of the Classe units I've owned for service, but everytime I called with a question, he was patient courteous and very helpful.
Arman 's a great guy, and they treat you like family , even if its purchased on the Gon. Now thats Class e !