Classe M1000

I have a chance to buy a Classe M1000. I have heard it and it sounded good. However I am not able to find any information on it online.
Can anyone tell me about it and what, if any, problems I should look out for?

Also my other option is an upgraded Mark Levinson No.23. Which would be a better option?
No problems with this amp. Send me a PM to obtain a PDF of the amp color brochure with technical description and full specs from back in the day.
The M1000 was a mono amp, so I hope you are buying a pair.
I think Classe planned a stereo version (S1000?), but I dont know if they ever producted it? They also may have made a half power version, the M500 monos?

I almost bought a pair of M1000s at a dealer closeout when they were out of production, and imo they are one of the best solid state amps ever built. I think the sonics have been surpassed, but the built quality is hard to ever beat. I did buy a smaller model (Class15) of the same vintage and I would be surprised if anything ever went wrong with it. I now use it as a back up when other things go down. That's how good it is - it never breaks.
CA-400 here
Do you really need all that power? If not, you can save some money and buy a smallar Classe with the same sound signature. on the otherhand, if you need all that power, then the M1000 are hard to beat.
Great amplifiers. They need about 60 minutes from switch on to reach their cruising speed, but can drive anything.
Considering age, I would replace the blue electrolytic capacitors in the amplifier boards with modern ones and enjoy for many years!
Hey guys... thanks a lot for your input.
I auditioned the Classe M1000 with a ML 38S pre... the sound was great.
However the guy also had a Goldenote Demidoff and that just blew my mind.
Going for that now...
The levinson Would be hard to beat . Worked good with anything I tryed with it . M