Classe integrated or Musical Fidelity?

I'll be auditioning (at home) a Classe CAP-101 next week. Is anyone familiar with this piece? I wondered if it would be worth buying one of MF A300's to try at home...they're approximately the same price - in the $1500 range. Are one of these generally recommended over the other? I have a Sony DVP-7700 front end and Vandersteen Model 2 speakers. $1500 is a decent chunk of change for me so I'd like to get it right the first time. Feel free to suggest others in this price range, too. Thanks in advance for your help!
For $1400-1600, you should be able to pick up a Meitner PA-6i with phono and a pair of Meitner MTR-101 monoblocs. Nothing else will come close. That's my 2 cents' worth, anyway. Joel.
If you do not need the additional power you may want to consider the Musical Fidelity A3 amp (85 watts/channel) at $500.00 less. It has better writeups and reviews. I use Musical Fidelity X components and am very pleased with the sound, though the A series having a slightly cleaner sound would be a better match with your Vandersteens IMO. I have also listened to the Classe at a shop and enjoyed its smooth top end, but this was on a pair of much brighter speakers than yours. I would give the A3 a try as well, as you never know until you listen in your home.
Both are well thought of with (I think) the MF being a newer design (which may be meaningless). If there are any significant differences which would be apparent to you, it should be you who makes that decision, since essentially everyone has a set of variables which are unique to them. I think that you would be satisfied with either one. But, if you must have a choice, then do very well controlled side-by-side. It's more difficult than you might expect.
Classe Integrated!! Their CAP-100 used to be stereophile CLASS A. Music fidelity's diffrerent models are in CLASS B!!! You will choose Classe after auditioning both !!!!
Cosider the Primare 30.1 from Sweeden. It seems to be a big hit in Great Britain, could be a real sleeper. Someones got new units listed cheap. Or buy the Sim preamp listed for $800 and look for an $800 power amp. Just some options I thought were of interest.
Musical Fidelity A3.I have one driving 4 ohm/87 db efficiency speakers it is clean,quiet and loud.
I have the Classe CAP-150.....never auditioned the Musical Fidelity, though I've heard great things about it. I could tell you that the Classe is superb throughout the musical spectrum and has tight, controlled bass. I am driving Thiel 2.2s and it sounds incredible. Thiels are slightly on the bright side and the Classe does a great job at moderating this. All this being said, I'd try both of them (and others) in YOUR system. That's the only way you'll know for sure.
I have owned both and I prefered the Musical Fidelity A3 over the Classe 100 and 150 by a wide margin! It really depends on your taste in speakers too. I think that dual monaural power supplies are an important consideration in the cleanest sound, which means the MF components are a better design. Ironically I own neither now...I have picked up a pair of Antique sound labs KT88 monoblocks and have heard their integrateds. Clearly more musical to me that either of the solid state integrateds mentioned and a lot cheaper..oh well, this is off topic.
i own the Cap 151 and Love it! couldn't find MF LOCALLY to audition but am still interested. Also checked out Arcam Fmj 22 and Classe just sounded so much smoother. Please let us know which way you went and why
Thanks to everyone for their opionions. My dealer thought the Classe would be a good match for my Vandersteens. I will take your advice and get a MF A3 from Audio Advisor and I'll compare them side by side. Thanks again!
I recently purchased the A300. After auditioning the Cap 150 I was ready to make it my amp of choice when a freind had me over to listen to his new A300. All I can say is I was blown away! The A300 sound IMHO,was more dynamic, bigger soundstage and very musical. I have since matched this amp up with the A3 CD, running into CDM1NT speaks-great system for a great price!
Frmont: Have you auditioned the less expensive (and less powerful) Musical Fidelity A3? If so, what is your take between it and the A300 in regard to tonal characteristics? I have read that it is a bit drier, but this was just noted in a couple of reviews (that may have been influenced by each other). I have not listened to the A300 myself, just the A3 and I own an X-A1.
Dekay: I did not listen to the A3. From the reviews that I have read it seems that the reviewers either love or hate the A3. This is my first experaince with M/f gear and all I can say is I am sorry that I waited so long to give them a try.
The design of the A3 and A300 is the same except for the larger power supplies and the A300 has different speaker cable binding posts, BTW I would like to know what reviewer said the A3 was not a good product......I have never seen a review that was anything but positive for the A3
Sam: Hi-Fi Choice gave the A3 a so so review. They also did not try it with a variety of equipment. For example my X-A1 did not work well with Linn Tukans during a home demo but sings with the other speakers that I have thrown at it. I like Hi-Fi Choice, but they do not seem to be putting as much energy as they used to into their reviews. One mis-matched piece of equipment in the line and everything falters IMO.