Classe integrated and Tyler Linbrooks

I have recently purchased a pair of Tyler Linbrook Sig Monitors and was looking for suggestions on an integrated amp. I was looking at the Classe CAP-151, my concern is that these speakers are 4 ohm and I am worried about overheating the Classe.
Haven't tried a Classe amp but I have used the following on my Linbrooks: Simaudio I-5 integrated, McCormack DNA-125, Pass Aleph 30, Magnum Dynalab 308 integrated and Denon 2805 receiver. I had no problems with any of them. However, the best sound I've gotten is with a Lectron JH-30 tube hybrid integrated. Maybe Ty has had experience with the Classe?
I use a McIntosh with my Linbrooks and have used Acurus and Adcom with no problems( the McIntosh and the Linbrooks are a very nice combo).
I've been running a pair of 4 ohm speakers on my Classe CAP-151 for the past 6 months and have not encountered any overheating or other problems to date.
The Classe should do the job no issues. Should sound nice too.

This is a very interesting post. I too have a pair of Linbrook monitors and am trading these in the next week on a pair of Linbrook Signature One Piece. I am using an old tube amp for my Signature monitors which works fine but lacks some of the bass that these could deliver. I am also looking at Classe, but am considering a stand alone amplifier instead of the integrated. Please post a follow up for what you ultimately purchased and how it is working out for you!