classe/great customer service

my CA 200 (bought as a new demo) in 2000 recently died in one channel and i sent it to classe and they made it right and had it back to me in fla w/in 2 weeks, good as new.
Not surprised; they did a great job in receiving an item shipped from abroad, converting voltage, full check out and shipping to me in US, at a very reasonable price.
I've had some fairly unhappy service and reliability issues with Classe. In fact I was so turned off at one point that I went with another brand just to avoid anymore hassles. Maybe they are getting better....
I have also had bad service from Robert at Classe. I ordered new caps for a Classe 10 and he said they were no longer available so my amp was junk. My local store called the President of Classe who took care of the discontinued problem for me but I never received the caps - the amp is in my closet now collecting dust; it might be a good boat anchor.... note to self.
This is an old thread, I just stumbled on it. I have had great luck with Classe. I bought a "demo" CP-35 phono board, and it didn't sound very good. I emailed Robert and they sent me a new one, no questions asked, no cost. I came by air a day or two after I emailed.

This was fall 2002.

In the end, I think the new board did sound better (they had apparently improved the design a bit), but my main problem had actually been ground hum! Not their fault at all.

Anyway, I was really impressed with the help they gave me.

- Eric
Classe Audio may give "great customer service", but IME they no longer know how to repair their own equiptment.
Reb1208 - any substantiation? I like their sound and would like to get one to try out for a while. Thanks - Arthur
I no longer own any of their equiptment and never will again. Sent 3 pieces in for minor repais over the past 5 years and not one was repaired correctly. Not having the time to go into specifics- you"ll just have to take my word as substantiation. Believe me, this is not the same company as the products that were sold when David Reich/Glen Grue designed them. Buyer Beware!
I had a software issue with a Classe SSP-25. I called classe and they asked me to send the unit for inspection.
They sent me a loaner unit for 2 weeks, then informed me of a new software upgrade to the mainboard and also told me they were going to send me a brand new unit. That to me is great customer service!! I have never had a problem since then and currently own the ssp25 and 2 of their amps.