Classe DR9 (1 or 2) Vs Classe CA400 ?

I run some Apogee Duetta Signature speakers with a single Classe DR9 amp. Seems to do a good job, but it has been suggested that feeding the Apogees more power will improve things dramatically. Any comments on whether I should look out for a 2nd DR9 to run two of these, or would a single CA400 be a better option? (I read Martin Colloms Stereophile review of the Classe CA200 and he was not overly impressed by it, saying it was a little 'boring' and unexciting.....)
I owned the CA-400 and thought it was a great amp. A mucher better deal than the Krell's. The speakers I had though were 96dB efficient, so there was no sign of any strain. I believe the Apogee's are not that efficient, right? The amp really rocked on classical 400/800/1600W into 8/4/2 ohms. Give it a try. I've seen some used one for around $3000 - an even better deal.
I have two DR-8's driving Martin Logan ReQuests, very nice. When I added the second amp, there was an immediate improvement in lower level detail, I really never knew there was any "strain" on the single amp set up until I added the second one. I had some Duettas for quite a while, not the most efficient speakers by any means, but sure are a wonderful transducer. With the Duettas, invest in amp(s) with as much current as you can find. Oh, I found my second DR-8 on the 'net for $900, great deal and relatively inexpensive to add to my system for the benefits I've heard.