Classe DR25 VS Belles 350A

I currently have a full Classe system with Classe DR25 as a classic amp on the system for a while. Recently I felt a rush in me about changing the amp. That's why I'm really want to try out for something different such as Belles 350A. I believed these two are monsterous 250 watts and will easily in-control the Hales T-5 speaker that I have. However I'm still walking in the dark and really don't know that's the right move or not.
Is anyone out there have had the experience of these two, please advise................I would highly appreciated.....
.........BIG THANKS in advanced..................
PS: How about another option is BAT VK500?

I can't directly answer your question, but in my system, a B.A.T. VK-200 (100/200 Wpc @ 8/4 ohms) was vastly superior to the Classe DR-25.

Put another way, when I switched back to the DR-25, the sound was dull and veiled-- it sounded like someone had wrapped a blanket around my speakers!

I would guess the BAT VK-500 would be that much more impressive than the VK-200.

Associated equipment: Esoteric P70 transport, Universal Audio 2192 DAC/master clock; Luxman T117 tuner, Technics SP-10MKII-P turntable, Tannoy System 15 DMT II speakers.

Hope this helps.
Thankyou Dr. Joe, Yes! that does help. I found that your comment, toward BAT VK 200 and Classe DR25, is VERY interesting

How about Belles 350A?? IS anyone has any thought or comment as Belles compare with Classe DR25 or BAT VK 200.

Please notice, my question is just in general as compare amp to amp. I do know that other pieces such as preamp player...ect... also share a great help.