Classe DR-9 vs Sunfire Signature

Fellow goners, what would be your opinion on which amp is better, are they in the same league, sound diffs? especially that on a used market they bring very similar prices. Thanks, mark
Hello I have to state this right now too get this off my chest. First I have a DR-9 amp two great amps sound wise, built, along with excellent reliability? Now the question is DR-9 vs Sunfire well here is my warning I purchased a sunfire reference amp back in the yr of 1998. It was a beautiful looking beast dual power cords blue light and all. A week into playing this Magestic beast " I thought" was playing some vinyl and than silence found out blown transistors sixteen this from a tech. Not Sunfire tech you see they did not want to even look at the amp their service was nothing short of a disaster. I will never purchase another Sunfire product again. Classe Fabulous always responed to email's and was able to receive two rocker switches for two DR-9 amps for nothing. So be warned they Sunfire have alot to answer to as far as service is concerned.
Sunfire doesn't make an amp with dual power cords or blue lights. Schipo is either highly confused or has an agenda. Sean
Having owned several Sunfire products, including amps, I have never seen one with a blue light, or dual power cords.
I can also vouch for their customer service as well.

You may very well have had excellent service from Classe, but I'm not sure you have ever dealt with Sunfire. If you had a bad experience with them, it may well be that you were attempting to get service from them on an amp they did not manufacture, if it was the one you describe in your post above.
Gentleman hate to burst your bubble. But yes they do {Sunfire}made an amp called the reference model. I still have it in the closet. It was a limited production model from Sunfire. I do not have an agenda at all, when it comes to any audio product.I am just stating the complete facts. The amp in question had a heat touch sensative blue light turn on with two windows slits with dual mono power cords. AND IT SAID SUNFIRE REFERENCE. I am only warning members of Audiogon about my experience thats all.
Schipo: The closest thing to what you are refering to is a Sunfire Symphonic Reference amplifier. It does not have dual AC power cords and it was a "budget" model from Sunfire. For a view of the products that Sunfire offers and has offered in the past, you can follow the link below.

Is it possible that you are confusing the Lightstar Reference series of amps previously manufactured by Carver Corporation with the newer Sunfire product line? Sean
Yes, he's referring to the Carver Lightstar Reference.
I think this thread is besmirching blue lights which my system has a LOT of. Some red ones also...but still...LEAVE BRITTNEY, I mean BLUE LIGHTS, ALONE!