classe dr 9 owners: please inform

how does the dr 9 compare to present good solid state amp?
please comment
The DR-9/monos are a bit on the "dark" side.Probably at their best in the lower half of the spectrum.You will find that there is more top-end information in the newer designs (exception:newer Classe is a little more sterile in comparison)YMMV.Listen to a Gamut,Pass or even the Symphonic for this demonstration.
The DR-8 and DR-9 amps from Classe were excellent sounding units. I agree that they were Yin...on the warm, dark side of life, but very lush and romantic. Modern amps will have more dynamic slam and control, but "may" not be as musically involving.

I had a pair of the DR-8s driving a pair of Apogee Stages. That was one of the best sounding systems that I have ever owned.

I concure on the Pass Labs amps. If you could listen to one of the pure class A versions (XA series), that might be the ticket, but WAY more money than a used DR-9...
I had one years ago, noticed the darkness commented on. Went to Meridian 605s which I still have. Musical Fidelity M3 is an all round better amp, both of these have better high end detail and transparency. The M3 has much better bass, the 605s are somewhat better.
Yes, the DR-8s & 9S were the best sounding Classe amps in that era. While it is "slightly" on-the-dark side; it does not sound like a solid-state amp especially when you play analog through it.

I loved it so much that I kept it for 13 years before I gave it to my brother. If this is your "starter' set, or even a 2nd or 3rd system, you can't go wrong