Classe DR-8 Schematic

Hi All,

Got my hands on a Classe DR-8 recently and enjoy the sound, but my particular specimen has a few quirks:

- Power switch doesn't work. Have to remove the power cord to turn it off!

- There's a wire that isn't attached to anything. A red wire runs from underneath the small PCB beneath the IEC jack towards the front of the amp and is twisted with the black and orange wires that run to one of the bridge rectifiers. It is much longer than the wires that go to the rectifier.

- New binding posts. Nice posts were installed, but whomever did so also removed the cap and resistor across each channel. A picture I've seen has a yellow film cap and black Dale resistor across the positive and negative terminals of the output for each channel.

So, I would like to get my hands on a complete schematic if possible. I've found a service manual online, but it only has the schematic for the main PCBs.

Barring that, I would love to know where the stray wire is supposed to attach inside and what the values of the cap and resistor across the output are.

Thanks in advance for any help!
[PDF]DR-8 Service manual - B&W Group North America Service & Support
Aug 27, 2007 – DR-8. Classé Audio Inc. Subject: Service manual. Classé Audio, Inc. 5070 François Cusson Lachine, Québec Canada H8T1B3, ...

Hope this helps. It is a nice amp, well worth putting a little time into. It is also a very lonely amp, always searching for a set of Apogee's. Once it finds a set, it will be a very happy amp. You will be too.


There is also an ad in the Canuck audio mart with a picture of the innerds of a DR8. Looks a bit on the " modded " side to me. Far too many red wires. Just a pet peeve of mine, but if you are going to mod something, at least take the time to mark off what you are doing for the next monkey with a hot iron in the food chain. Even if you just scribble a few notes with a Sharpie on the lid is better than nothing. I'm calm now.

Take the power switch out, then apart. the contacts have fused together. Common problem in this switch. A suitable replacement is available on Mouser, but not really required. There has been a update to the switch wiring, put out by Classe. This may be the open ended wire you are seeing.
i got a Classe Dr8+DR5 since January this year,after a friend who is a great technician checked up and repaired(one channel blown up) the amp in south germany im running the amp now with JBL 4312E or JBL L50,so i read always here in audigon and other inet forums about the Apogee speaker running with classe amps --hummmm strange now one buddy wants to sell his apogee centaurus for nice price 600€ a pair --guess i should have a try --what u thing guys? any indea?
best regards from Hamburg -Germany
Jeff, the values of the cap and resistor across the output are 0.1µF and 4.7Ω 5W.