Classe DR-6 or Adcom GFP-750

Has anybody heard these two preamps and if so which would you recommend? I like the idea of a passive preamp if it matches up well with my amp and source. The Classe if quite a bit older of course. Thanks.
I've heard them, and they are two VERY different animals. The DR-6 is a great SS preamp, IMHO. Warm, sweet, as close to tubelike as SS gets. The Adcom is more detailed and extended, though a bit sterile sounding for my tastes. So it would depend on which direction you wish to go in, as their sonic signatures head in opposite directions.

John is right on. The Classe is far superior in every way. Just my two cents.
I had the classe 5 and it was a much nicer preamp then the adcom I had before. Very warm and full sounding.
I'd surely take Classe over Adcom from what I've heard over the years for reasons mentioned above.
Take de Classe, nuff said above.
No contest. Take the Classe. The Adcom is over hyped and overrated in my opinion. I had one and the passive section killed the dynamics in my system (which some other passives didn't do including the McCormack TLC-1, Placette Passive, and even the inexpensive Creek OBH-12).

On the other hand, in active mode the GFP-750 was nothing special... a bit too cold and lean sounding for my taste.
Agree with Classe DR-6, one of the most missed preamps I've ever had........smoooooth and easy to listen to for hours.
The Adcom GFP-750 seems to get little respect on this forum, yet if you read every online magazine review the opposite is true, it's compared favourably to preamps costing 2-3 times its price. Used passively I have a gut feeling that it's an excellent preamp but its crucial that there isn't an impedence/sensitivity mismatch with the amp and the front end source. This is often the case with passive preamps and I suspect its coloring the impression that many have with the GFP-750. I've also found that with passive preamps it's important to use short lengths of cable and some cables work better than others. In my case I found Nordost Quattro Fil worked better than Cardas Golden Reference in a passive preamp I once owned, more dynamic and faster. In fact the cable change alone made my system go from sounding 'OK' to sounding excellent. Does anybody out there have anything to add regarding my comments above and is there anybody who's found the GFP-750 to be an excellent preamp even compared to much pricier preamps? I know at there are many who swear by the GFP-750 and these same people have owned much more expensive preamps in the past. Thanks to all who responded.
It sounds like you really want to buy the Adcom, so go ahead and buy it. Read the reviews that validate your perceptions and ignore the others.