Classe DR-5

Hey Guys,
this bad boy ticks every box that I require...But, does it sound ok?
I had one 15 years ago. My sense is you can do better today, but it is built like a tank, with plenty of room inside to upgrade with better parts.
What would you recommend over it? Just need something that sounds decent with a good phono stage.
Just my two cents worth, but the DR5 is an EXCELLENT preamp even today. I was a dealer for Classe for many years and owned many of their older pieces. The DR5 would be hard to beat at the used prices they are going for. One of the best phono stages around.
I've not found a reason to upgrade from it as of yet.
I also was a dealer for them in the early 90s , had one and liked it. At a good price there would be no reason not to get one. The obsession with the very latest thing means that very good used equipment is out there at favorable prices. I was not as favorably impressed by the DR-9 amp, thought it was too dark.
I used to use the DR6/DR9 combo as I felt it was a touch better than my friend's DR5/DR8.

But, you definitely can't go wrong with the DR5 (at it's current going rate) as it is still a good preamp as compared to today's top preamps - not as transparent and detailed as current preamps

It also has a great onboard phono stage which I have used (in the DR6) for many many years before I got a standalone phono amp.

In fact, I still have my DR6/DR9 combo (lying around dormant) as they are - haha - that much hard to let go
Thanks alot for the great responses guys!
Is the DL-5 the same as the DR-5 except for the DL-5 not having a phono stage? They appear to be the same otherwise.
Yep, Dave43 - as far as I know, you are correct
thanks guys, I'll pick one up