Classe Delta CA-5300

I just purchased an Anthem Statement D2v to go with my existing 5.1 system with Revel Gems, Voice, and Embraces. I am currently using a Krell KAV-500 and is considering upgrading the Krell. I mostly listen to Jazz and watch movies on this system. I am looking into the Classe CA-5300. I would appreciate opinions as to how the Classe amp would match with my existing equipments.

Yuh know, I too am looking into this amp. However, I just discovered something very disturbing. According to their own literature, and the measurements taken during a recent review at HTM, this amp puts out is spec'ed 300WPC into 8ohms, but can't handle anything past 190wpc into 4 ohms.

Anyone else notice this? What's the deal??
The Home Theater magazine review from which you made your "discovery" only said that the CT-5300 went into protection mode at 190 watts into 4 ohms. It did not say whether that was with all channels driven. This is probably deliberate current limiting, as there is no way you could get 3kW continuous (600W x 5) powering the amp from a single 15A or 20A household circuit.

The other choice would have been for Classe to use two totally separate power supplies on two power cords like with the Omega amps. In real world use, no multichannel system requires maximum power from all channels simultaneously. Why not contact the Classe factory and get a definitive answer?