Classe Dac 1 vs. Benchmark dac 1 USB

I am considering purchasing a dac to use with my CD player. I have a Classe 0.5 CDP, a Classe amp and a classe preamp. I am considering purchasing either a Classe dac 1 or a Benchmark dac 1 USB. The price difference is not significant. I understand that the Benchmark dac 1 will allow me more flexibility in using USB inputs so that if I decide to expand my system with a Squeeze box or Ipod adapter the Benchmark dac 1 will have certain advantages. However, I am concerned that I may sacrifice some benefits gained through the compatility of using a Classe dac with a system having all Classe components. Are my concerns warranted? Your helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
With any external DAC your number one concern should be jitter immunity (jitter comes with any connection). Your second concern should be getting the sound you like. DAC1 has a precise kind of sound and can be detailed to the point of annoying (you become aware of such things as the recording studio microphone). I had a friend who preferred the regular sound of an ordinary CD player to the Benchmark DAC1 - so this tells you an audition is a must. (Since system synergy will also play its part you really are best advised to audition and return the item which pleases you least)