Classe DAC-1 or Musical Fidelity A 324

I have been looking into adding a seperate DAC to my CAL CL-10. I have narrowed it down to two that I like and can afford. The Classe DAC-1 used for about $1000 and the Musical Fidelity A 324 used for about $600. Both are Stereophile recomended class A DACs. I listen mostly to female vocalists and jazz. I am looking to open up the sound stage and improve the midrange a little. I have a Bryston 4 B-ST amp, BP-25 preamp, and B&W Nautalis 802 speakers. I would like to hear from anyone that may have heard either of these DACs and what your thoughts were. As always, thank you for taking the time to help me out.
The Classe DAC-1 is a fine unit, but there are much better DAC's available now for the same money, even less, including the Birdland Odeon-lite and the Perpetual Technologies (properly modded), not to mention the popular Ack dAck and the

I owned a DAC-1 for a couple of years, but sold it when I bought a Proceed AVP. The DAC's in the Proceed were better. The DAC-1 also needed a beefy power cord to have good dynamics.

My reference is a hot-rodded Perpetual Technologies P-3A. I have heard modded A 324's and they just do not do the 'magic' right for me.
I am interested in a Proceed AVP, and am encouraged by your comment on its DACs. As the deign is 4 years old, how come the DAC is still competitive?