Classe' CP60 better than the CP50 ?

I am upgrading from a CP35 and looking to buy either a used CP50 or CP60. I am wondering if the CP60 sounds significantly better as a line-level preamp. I only playing CDs in my system which has a Classe CA100 and B&W Matrix. Thanks Tom
I had that same classe setup. The CP35 sucks bad. It's a good choice to upgrade the preamp. I still have the ca-100. what you need to do is get a passive preamp. UNBELIEVABLE difference. I bought the reference line preeminence one. I got mine for $450. ($1500 new) seriously seriously better in every way. Don't worry you'll never have to turn it all the way up. You will get plenty of power from your front end! YOU CAN NOT LOSE WITH IT! My jaw dropped when I first put it in my system. Nothing else has yet made such a huge huge improvement. I wrote a big response about it. I'll try to find it and report back if it's still on audiogon.
OK. I found it. It's under system matching, 3-12-00, Thiel CS7.2 and Levinson amp and preamp.
Kacz: Thanks for the suggestion. Call me lazy but I need a remote for volume. I was also thinking (maybe) about upgrading to a ML no39 or a Wadia 850 so that I could go direct without a preamp at all. But I am not too hopeful on this idea as I have never heard a direct-in solution that worked well without losing all the depth. I almost prefer having the Classe 50 or 60 however so I can open up my choices on the CD player upgrade. I am thinking about the ML no39, Wadia 850, Classe CDP 1.0, and the Sony CDP-Xa7ES. Thanks Tom
Yeah they would be good choices. But digital volume control does have it's problems. I thought not having a remote would bug me too but I've found it more relaxing than figiting with it all the time. It sounds like you have some good choices lined up. If you do come across a passive preamp It would probably be worth your time to at least hear it. I bet you would gladly forget about a remote and every other preamp for the sound improvement and money savings. Well sorry I couldn't help with your question and good luck with your gear. I know it will sound great with any of your choices.