Classe CP-800 or Ayre K-5xe with Vandersteens?

Looking to upgrade my Plinius 8200 integrated (has pre out and main in which allows for the Vandersteen high pass filter) and was looking to go to the 5 Series Ayre preamp and amp (K5 and V5) but was thinking the Class CP-800 may be a better way to go versus adding another DAC at some point to the Ayre preamp. Has anyone used a Classe pre (or the CP-800) with an Ayre amp? Ayre amps are constantly recommended for Vandersteen but rarely Classe. I have searched pretty extensively before posting this and was interested in others experience. I have classe and ayre dealers near by but I am sure sure they will suggest all Ayre or all Classe solutions. Will likely try to demo both.

I listen mostly to pop, rock, electronic and brazilian techno (suba) and have a pretty large room 20x20. I am looking for a little more refinement than I get with the plinius integrated (good as it is)

I use Rega P5, Oppo 95 and Mac Mini (starting) as sources.

I think the lack of Classe-Vandy combos is a result of the dealer distribution networks for each brand. I have never heard of a Vandy dealer that was also a Classe dealer, but I supppose it is possible one exists. The Ayre, IIRC, is the one with the built-in crossover intended specifically for Vandy's speakers that require the crossover. However, the CP-800 (which I have only heard with B&W speakers) has a powerful DSP computer built in, and I would expect you can program the needed crossover for the Vandy's, all in the digital domain. Unless you listen to analog sources, this might be a nice option.
You may want to try a stepped approach to your upgrades. By this I recommend you try one of the Ayre amps with your Plinius. This allows you the opportunity to hear what the Ayre brings to your system. Yes a lot of people recommend the Ayre with the Vandersteen's and I'm not knocking their product but you may find that their sound may not suit you. If you like what you hear then try either the Ayre or Classe preamp. Just a recommendation.
For years, I used a Classe 15 amp (175wpc) with Vandersteen 2ce signature speakers. The words dark and slow comes to mind.