Classe CP-800 & Analog vinyl source with DSP

Hello, Has anyone tried the highly regarded Classe CP-800 with an analog source, specifically vinyl, and not used the analog bypass feature? I am considering this preamp so I can take advantage of the bass management, among other features, but I am concerned about running my vinyl through the analog to digital converter in the Class piece. I have heard it does a fine job, but I am hoping to hear from the community out there who may have experienced this first hand. Thanks!
The CP 800 was just reviewed in Stereotimes.
I like the fact it has a USB input.
I am really interested in this as well. It is hard to find much first hand user information out there for this unit. I may have to drive to the classe dealer about an hour away to check it out.
I ended up changing course on this. Instead of the cp 800, I kept my tube preamp and added a bryston 10b sub for bass management. The built in dac in the cp 800 had me worried that the piece may depreciate quickly...
Here's the Stereophile review of the CP 800
Depreciate because of the DAC? So are you going to keep everything that you trust, analog, and rotate the new digital tech as it comes and goes?

The CP-800 has a highly rated, if not knock out, reviews.

The DAC industry segment is booming, music is that is sold today is still 99.9% 16bit/44khz.. Do not panic!