Classe CP-700 preamp vs. other SS pre's


Has anyone spent much time with the Classe unit (or it's little brother, the CP-500)? I have the opportunity to purchase a new one locally at a great price (well under the "used blue-book"), and am looking for a solid-state (or very quiet tube) pre to go into my system.

Speakers are Linbrook Super's by Tyler Acoustics. Amp will be solid-state (I tried some AES Sixpacs last year, and found them a little too bloomy). Preferred music is orchestral, mixes of jazz, and vocals. I am looking for neutrality, detail, but musicality and a nice soundstage. Cosmetics and extra features are not of interest to me (and I don't need phono) so I would like to primarily pay for musical quality, not a "name".
I have the ssp 800 which uses the same preamp as the CP 700. I also have the Levinson N32 for two channel. They are both great preamps but the Levinson is slightly better in two channel. Not by very much. The 700 has a separate power supply as does my N32. The ssp800 does not and therefore the CP 700 could even equal or better the Levinson. Either way its very good. Classe support is excellent.