Classe CP 700 Pre Amp, Reliability

I just sent subject, 3 yr. old, pre back to the factory for the second time in 4 weeks. Has anyone experienced reliability problems with the Omega porduct line?
I own a Classe CP -700 pre-amp and was wondering what is / was the nature of your problem ? Also, this pre-amp is part of Classe 's Delta line and not their Omega line. I know that I am not answering your question but I did have an issue initailly and now wonder if yours just might be the same.
Sorry, it is the Delta series. A month ago the right channel was week and distorted. Now the unit blows the power supply fuse when turned on.
Phous, my CDP -700 was brand new and had it running for about a month straight without shuting it off. I went on vacation and turned it off....came back from vacation, turned it back on and the fuse blew. I went to Radio Shack got the right voltage slow blow fuses and it blew all four of them. I went to an electrucal store and got the ''real deal '' in fuses that were about $10.00 for 4 of them - as Radio Shack's are cheap. It has been okay since then....but this seems to be an issue with these pre-amps. Find a good electrical store and get real UL listed fuses and see what happens
Garebear,you were right on. I sent the pre back to Classe. They could find nothing wrong with it. I was using Radio Shack fuses.