Classe CP-60 vs. CP-65

Anybody know the level of enhancements Classe employed in the next generation of their pre-amps between the CP-60 and the CP-65? Are there any sonic differences between the two?
From what I understand, there was some cost-cutting involved when Classe went to the 47.5/65 generation. A couple reviewers said the 50/60 were better built (better connectors and more costly parts0. I compared a 50 with a 47.5 and found the 50 to be indeed more refined. Arthur
I don't know about it being a cost cutting move, it was in a way I guess. I had a couple of dealers tell me that the change was purely cosmetic. The CP-60 was availible in either Silver OR Black, the CP-65 was only availible in Silver AND Black. I suppose that only making one faceplate design would cut costs a bit though.

I have a CP-60 and love it. Absolutely smooth. I haven't heard the CP-65. My only complant is the remote, even though it is built like a tank doesn't work that well at a distance.
I have a Classe CP-65 and compared it to a friend's CP-60. I found them to be the same sound charactor with the CP-65 sounding slightly more refined and quieter. Nod goes to the CP-65 in my system.
Hi to all, I'm new to this, but I've just built up a system which I got at a good price from all over England.
CP 65, CPD 10, CA 201, and speakers Audio Statics DCi4 (Electrostatics). I haven't purchased the cables I want yet but the sound in a NOT properly set-up system is really outstanding, the cables I have at the moment CD to Pre-Amp Nordost Frey (RCA). Pre-Amp to Power Amp Nordost SPM (RCA)Speakers (weakest link) AudioQuest Indigo MKII if there's anybody out there could advise on cables I maybe going for Nordost Blue Heaven Rev II or Red Dawn Rev II I've just off loaded my Audio Physics Virgo II, Electrocompaniet 4.7 Pre-Amp, Electrocompaniet DMB 120 Power Amp which I really loved and still have my Electrocompaniet ECi 1 Intigrated Amp. What is very important to me is not only the Hi-Fi componants but the company that makes them and I've found that like Electrocompaniet,The guys at Classe are fantastic I've had so much help from the Distributors B&W especially Ed in the Service Dept, When phoning Canada for assistance they could not be more helpfull,
Cheers and Regards to All. Brian from Manchester, UK