Classe cp-500 verses the Lyngdorf dpa-1

Hello Augiogon members.

I have a Classe cp-500 preamp that is pretty darn cool. I am using it with a couple of Classe CA-M 400s. My problem is my room size and listening location. Big room but limited listening position location.

My room isn't bright but female vocals resonate just a bit more than I can stand when my Martin Logans are placed in an otherwise "best under circumstances" configuration. I can move the speakers and get a little better on the female vocals but loose in other areas. Again, room problem!

I am currently auditioning the Lyngdorf rp-1 and just received it yesterday so I haven't really had time to play with it much. It has helped resolved several sound issues but also seems to add a little something I am not sure that I like yet.

Hence my question: Classe cp-500 or Lyngdorf dpa-1?Lyngdorf also makes the dpa-1 preamp. Problem is I can't audition it because it isn't available for auditioning, only the rp-1 is. Has anyone ever compared the Classe preamp to the Lyngdorf one?

I am told that the Lyngdorf preamp version of Room Correction is slightly better than the rp-1 Room Correction.

Should I sell my Classe preamp and go for the Lyngdorf preamp?

Any experience with these components? Please help.

Thank you,

Rodney Marion
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I want to follow up on my original post.

I wasn't happy at all with my first three attempts at calibrating my room with the Room Perfect RP-1 processor. It sounded painful to be honest. But, in its'defense, I had just allowed my preferred audio dealer "friends" to rearrange my speakers. This was just after the rp-1 arrived at my door and was sitting, teasingly, in front of my audio system. The new speaker configuration inflicted upon me by my audio dealer "friends" had subjected me to some very ear piercing highs as well as quite a bit of resonance in the artist's voice. With that said, there were many significant improvements with the new speaker placement. It was just hard to hear them in the presence of the shrill highs and resonating vocals. I must also say that before my speakers were moved my room sounded awful. Hence my curiousity in the Lyngdorf Room Perfect processor.

So, enter the rp-1 into the picture. I was not impressed at first. But, after getting some pointers from my new friend who is also a dealer of Lyngdorf products, I finally succeeded in transforming my dedicated listening area into something I never imagined possible. It isn't perfect, but what listening room is. Mine is now very, very, close and I just want more, more, more of it. At least that is my current opinion after about 3 CDs worth of listening.

So, I am now on a journey to sample many more CDs other than Celine Dion, Janet Jackson and my Porcupine DVD-audio disc and hope that everyone will wish me happy listening. I am at the moment fighting back the urge to move my speakers and then recalibrate the entire thing with the rp-1 to see what wonderous sounds may be lurking in the shadows.

I will return soon to let you know how things went.

Please post your comments about the Lyngdorf dpa-1 preamp if you have ever used it or auditioned it. It also has the Room Perfect capability like it's little brother the rp-1. I am contemplating replacing my Classe preamp but have strong reservations.

Thank you,
I finally auditioned the Lyngdorf dpa-1. The result was not as impressive as I had hoped.

In the meantime I also auditioned the H-Cat preamplifier. This audition resulted in the purchase of it.

See my comments in the H-Cat thread.

You need a DEQX more than a Lyngdorf !!!!